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Employment & Migration


Every organisation faces challenges related to labour law in its daily activities. These situations are among the most complex and sensitive, requiring quick solutions, and have a significant impact on the organisation’s regular functions.

The PRIMUS team of labour law practitioners is helping clients to resolve complex labour issues requiring extensive knowledge of this legal field. We provide our clients (employers and employees alike) with professional legal assistance in all matters concerning labour regulation, based on the latest interpretations of the applicable (national and EU-level) regulatory acts (case-law).


  • legal advice on individual and collective labour issues (including labour-related matters resulting from mergers and acquisitions, and during the process of corporate restructuring);
  • drafting of documentation concerning labour relations and the termination thereof (employment contracts and employment termination documents);
  • drafting of other agreements with employees (e.g., non-competition);
  • development of reward and incentive schemes for innovative employees (stock options, remuneration schemes, incentive and bonus regulations, etc.);
  • localisation and drafting of employee-related policies, guidelines, regulations, and internal procedures;
  • legal assistance with implementing trade secret and IP protection models (drafting of information lists and agreements with employees);
  • representation of employers before works councils and trade unions (during notification and consultation procedures, negotiations over collective employment contracts, etc.);
  • legal audits of labour relations;
  • drafting of collective employment contracts;
  • implementing employee relocation during company reorganisation and transfer of operations;
  • assistance with employee relocation;
  • representation of employers and employees in pre-trial and trial labour disputes.



PRIMUS lawyers provide our clients with legal advice on all matters related to foreign nationals arriving to Lithuania (temporary and permanent residence permits, work permits, visas).

Given our commitment to provide each client with a positive experience and comprehensive legal assistance, we:

  • take part in all stages and provide assistance with all migration-related procedures (including client representation before migration authorities);
  • apply our substantial experience in corporate law to migration projects, and provide legal advice on setting up companies, business development, and other matters pertaining to corporate law.

Competencies acquired by PRIMUS in the field of migration enable us to quickly find the optimal solution and, given legitimate grounds, implement it together with the client.


  • legal advice on, and the obtainment of, documents (residence and work permits, visas, etc.) necessary for hiring employees in Lithuania;
  • assistance to family members of employees and other foreign nationals with obtaining permits and (or) visas;
  • legal advice on, and retrieval of, documents (residence and work permits, visas, etc.) necessary for posting employees to Lithuania;
  • assistance to shareholders and managers with obtaining temporary residence permits and (or) visas, as well as related legal advice on setting up and operating a business in Lithuania;
  • legal advice on, and assistance with, obtaining temporary and permanent residence permits or visas issued on other grounds;
  • representation before the Migration Department, courts, and other institutions.


Major projects (Employment):

  • We have represented a renowned tire manufacturing group in transferring employment relations to a company of an employer operating within a foreign jurisdiction, and provided assistance with related tax issues and setting up employee integration and group policy application procedures.
  • We have provided a foreign-owned company (group) with legal advice and comprehensive legal assistance in localising and implementing employee-related group policies and procedures in a subsidiary founded in Lithuania.
  • We have provided one of the biggest insurance brokerages in Lithuania with comprehensive legal assistance regarding labour relations during the company’s reorganisation process. We have drafted the remuneration scheme and provided assistance with implementing structural-organisational changes, which required an information and consultation process with a works council. We have assisted the client with employee relocation and drafted new employment contracts, which, in addition to the minimum conditions of employment, stipulated a number of additional provisions (non-competition, confidentiality obligations, etc.).
  • We have provided legal assistance to a US company operating in Lithuania with initiating works council elections and drafting the necessary documentation. We have provided comprehensive legal advice on labour-related challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic (specifically concerning announcements of downtime, securing job retention subsidies, and the conditions thereof) and legal assistance with implementing workforce restructuring, as well as setting up information and consultation procedures with a works council. We have drafted and localised group-wide regulations in respect of employee remuneration and incentive procedures, and provided legal advice on managerial staff turnover issues (appropriate legal forms pertaining to the commencement and termination of employment, and the payment of severance benefits).
  • Legal assistance with all matters related to entering the Lithuanian market. We have provided our client – one of the fastest-growing Western European corporate groups providing digital solutions, software development, and IT business development consultancy services – with legal assistance in transferring employment relations from another employer (agreements between the earlier and current employers regarding employee relocation, employee information forms, employment contract amendments, etc.). We have also drafted labour-related procedures required by the nature of the client’s business.
  • We have provided legal advice to an international real estate services group on drafting an innovative employee incentive scheme conforming to the nature of the client’s business, employee functions, and set goals (motivating employees with stock options). We bore the responsibility for all implementation-related matters (stock option agreements with employees, consultations on stock options and taxation, possibilities of securing a tax exemption, etc.).

Major projects (Migration):

  • We are providing legal advice to a foreign-owned IT company operating in Lithuania on matters related to the relocation of employees to Lithuania from abroad (obtaining visas, temporary residence permits, EU Blue Cards, collective relocation permits).
  • We have provided legal advice to a foreign airline company on the employment of the head of its Lithuanian subsidiary and his relocation to Lithuania.
  • PRIMUS has assisted an American manufacturing company incorporated in Lithuania with posting a manager from the US to Lithuania for a limited time by obtaining all the necessary work and migration permits.
  • We have provided advice to one of Lithuania’s biggest audit companies on hiring and (or) posting employees from abroad by ensuring all the necessary assistance and coordinating the process of obtaining any and all work and (or) migration permits.



The law firm PRIMUS Legal Advisors operates as Noewe Legal from December 2023, continuing its services in the Baltics.

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