A law firm bringing new client relations standards via an alternative network of international connections. By engaging with the client’s business, our legal experts provide holistic solutions, while speaking a language suitable for our times. A language capable of expressing vital, if not always convenient, truths.

PRIMUS – an ambitious team of corporate law experts developing a new and fresh alternative to the legal relations and law firms in the Baltics. Our aim is to offset worn out stereotypes and foster slogan-worthy progress without causing upheavals or revolutions.

PRIMUS are your silent legal champions seeking to give meaning to their experience by securing victories to their clients.

To get the perfect solution for your business, tap into our experience and wide network of international connections. We provide business law services across the Baltics and represent our clients at both Lithuanian and foreign jurisdictions.

Our way of communicating with clients is based on the philosophy of attentiveness: meeting our clients’ needs at their preferred rhythm and establishing, as well as maintaining, trust. We’re always ready to hear you out and to delegate your tasks and challenges to lawyers with the best track record in a given field.

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Your partners in law, PRIMUS.

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Business decisions are often needed yesterday. We do not have a time machine, but we can, nonetheless, advise you on how to proceed moving forward, which documents to prepare, and what risks to consider in order to ensure the continuity and stable growth of your business.


Having a lean team is a big advantage. Our short chain of command enables us to react quickly in making decisions that are critical to our clients. Modern technology allows us to communicate directly with our clients, state institutions, and courts. At PRIMUS, the adage „times equals money“ is taken quite literally. You will also find our pricing rather flexible.


We continuously invest in recruitment, employee training, and motivation. Being always up to date in terms of technology allows us to optimise work processes, quickly react to client inquiries, and select the most convenient mode of communication. Quality also means a holistic attitude, and we always strive to see the whole picture. That’s why our solutions not only address our clients’ specific issues, but also provide vision and empower new perspectives.


With PRIMUS, you will be getting the full package – industry and business process expertise, services in the region’s languages, and the best regional competencies selected for each project. We communicate in 7 languages: Lithuanian, English, Russian, Estonian, Polish, German, French, and Spanish.


  • Understanding business processes
  • Legal experts eager to engage with clients’ businesses
  • In-depth code of conduct and high reliability
  • Utmost professionalism without revolutions or upheavals
  • High occupational integrity
  • Consistency
  • Selection of the right people for the right task
  • Commitment to speaking the truth even if it’s inconvenient



The law firm PRIMUS Legal Advisors operates as Noewe Legal from December 2023, continuing its services in the Baltics.

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