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Dispute Resolution

During the entire period of its existence, the PRIMUS Dispute Resolution Group has accumulated a significant amount of experience in representing the interests of its clients both in Lithuanian courts of all instances, and internal, as well as international, arbitrage. The high qualification level of the Group’s lawyers and the ability to apply unconventional solutions has won recognition from Legal 500, Chambers, and other authoritative bodies.



PRIMUS represents its clients in Lithuanian courts of all instances and at pre-trial dispute resolution bodies. The Group’s lawyers have many years of experience representing clients in court, which enables them to act with confidence in any situation and to make decisions favouring the client and their business. In addition, it allows them to provide clients with a long-term litigation strategy that accounts for risks and the client’s own strengths and weaknesses, helping clients to feel secure and reducing tensions associated with litigation.


  • Representation of the actor and director Clint Eastwood in a copyright infringement dispute with G. Bučinskas, shareholder and director of the since-liquidated company Mediatonas, who used the name and image of Mr. Eastwood without due authorisation.
  • Representation of the State Enterprise Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant in a dispute with a contractor providing update services to one of the business management systems operational at the INPP.
  • Representation of Tilts, SIA in various disputes with the former director of the company’s Lithuanian branch regarding his dismissal and compensation for damages.
  • Representation of World-Clear Ltd. / T1 Holdings Ltd. (New Zealand) in a dispute regarding the recovery of its funds misappropriated by a fintech company established in Lithuania.
  • Representation of CONTAINERSHIPS CMA CGM Gmbh (Germany) in transport disputes.
  • Representation of the Lithuanian branch of the insurance company ERGO Insurance SE in a construction-related dispute.
  • Representation of a major Lithuanian commercial bank in a dispute with another commercial bank regarding the revocation of ownership rights to illegally seized property and the transfer of real estate.
  • Representation of AQS a. s. (Czech Republic) in a dispute with one of Lithuania‘s most famous screenwriters regarding the infringement of copyright law.



The Group’s lawyers are successfully representing clients in disputes at local and foreign courts of arbitration. PRIMUS has helped its clients secure favourable outcomes in disputes settled both ad hoc and at institutional courts of arbitration. Furthermore, PRIMUS has extensive knowledge of, and experience in, representing clients at specialised courts of arbitration for sports.


  • Representation of Mokipay Europe, UAB at the Vilnius Court of Commercial Arbitration.
  • Representation of the football club “Riteriai” in a dispute with a former player at the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber.
  • Representation of the football club “Sūduva” at the Court of Arbitration for Sport.
  • Representation of a major Polish construction company at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Arbitration.



The Group has a wealth of exceptional and considerable experience representing clients, shareholders of companies, in disputes with other shareholders. In addition, the Group‘s lawyers have a deep knowledge of different industries, which helps shareholders not only to resolve disputes, but also to achieve set goals.


  • Representation of a global leader in the production of cement and construction materials in disputes with shareholders regarding the acquisition of a majority holding in a major European cement production company.
  • Representation of a shareholder (a natural person) in disputes regarding shares in tourism companies.



The Group has exceptional and considerable experience representing clients in construction and real estate disputes. A deep knowledge of the construction process enables its lawyers to make decisions that are the most favourable to the client.


  • Representation of Upės Projektai, UAB in a dispute with a contractor regarding the construction of the Green Hall 2 office building.
  • Representation of Upės Projektai, UAB in a dispute with a contractor regarding the construction of the Green Hall 1 office building.
  • Representation of Eviko AS in a dispute with a Lithuanian contractor regarding construction in Estonia.



Disputes related to public procurement constitute a large part of the Group‘s activities. Having taken part as representatives in procurements with great national significance to Lithuania, our lawyers have accumulated considerable experience that enables them to make the most effective decisions favouring our clients.


  • Representation of companies belonging to the Blue Bridge Group in various disputes regarding strategic public procurements in Lithuania.
  • Representation of Siemens Healthcare Oy (Finland) in a dispute regarding the public procurement of the Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences.



Our wide network of international connections enables us to represent foreign clients in Lithuania, in recognising the rulings of foreign courts and/or arbitral decisions. The experience of our lawyers ensures a smooth and successful process.


  • Representation of a U.S. company that owns the name and image of a major American actor in recognising a U.S. ruling in a case against a Lithuanian company.
  • Representation of Slovakia’s largest paint manufacturer in recognising the ruling of the country’s court of arbitration against a Lithuanian company.



The law firm PRIMUS Legal Advisors operates as Noewe Legal from December 2023, continuing its services in the Baltics.

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