5 January, 2023 Author: MARIUS DEVYŽIS

PRIMUS has been advising the Federation on sports law issues since 2018.

Attorney at Law Marius Devyžis, who has signed the updated agreement, is happy to start 2023 with great news.
“There is an increasing demand for legal services in the sports sector. Sports law is a very specific field of activity, that is regulated every year more and more. There are challenges, and, in many cases, significantly more complex than in regular business. Therefore, representing sports and providing legal advice becomes rather must-to- have.
The Lithuanian Swimming Federation has been taking legal nuances seriously for many years and entrusted us with the supervision of these issues”, says sports law practitioner Marius Devyžis.

Mr. Saulius Binevičius, President of The Lithuanian Swimming Federation, expressed his gratitude to PRIMUS for their contribution to the federation’s activities. “We thank the PRIMUS law firm for the professional assistance in solving the legal issues that arose for the federation. We welcome the New Year with a reliable, long-term partner who has helped us many times even in the most difficult situations. We assured that both the organization and our athletes, coaches have a strong back,” says the head of the federation.

The Sports law team headed by the lawyer Marius Devyžis is especially appreciated by clients in the Baltics.
The scope of provided legal competencies: legal services provided to sports organisations, clubs, leagues, and individual athletes.
PRIMUS provides legal services on all other legal matters related to sports, including assistance with regular (e.g., sports and other) and specific (e.g., image use and other) contracts, making decisions regarding the structural set up and management of clubs and other sports organisations, preparing the internal documents of sports organisations, representation at state and municipal bodies, etc.

The law firm PRIMUS Legal Advisors operates as Noewe Legal from December 2023, continuing its services in the Baltics.

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