Ukrainian-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce (ULCC), where PRIMUS Partner, Attorney at Law Giedrė Dailidėnaitė is a board member and one of the founders,

Invites you to the opening of the new season of ULCC, which will take place in the office of the PRIMUS law firm, located in the old town of Vilnius, in a historical building.

PRIMUS together with the „Lewben“ group has settled in a unique office-gallery “D9 – Artsy Office” and invites you to visit!

After renovations, not only PRIMUS and all companies of the „Lewben“ group, but also the private art fund „Lewben Art Foundation“ gathered in the building, which opened this year.

Currently, almost 200 works of the collection, including Lithuanian and foreign contemporary art, are exhibited here.

Those who want to see the world-renowned works of art up close and walk through the spaces of exceptional architecture are invited to participate in the tour (start of the tour 17:15).


Participation fee: ULCC members – 10 EUR, non-members – 20 EUR

We kindly ask you to confirm your participation by 18 September by filling in this form. RSVP

For more information, please visit ULCC page.

Time: 17:00 (5 p.m.)

Date: 19 September, 2023



The law firm PRIMUS Legal Advisors operates as Noewe Legal from December 2023, continuing its services in the Baltics.

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