20 July, 2022 Author: JONAS PLATELIS

If there was a formula describing a good lawyer, what would it be?
We say, lawyer + businessman.

Knowledge of the legal framework is inseparable from a deep understanding of the client’s business sector. It doesn’t matter if it’s helping the client with daily processes, or when looking for business opportunities, or when facing legal problems, especially with state institutions.

Therefore, we are happy about the victory of our colleague’s project: Jonas Platelis, attorney at law, successfully represented the client’s interests in the ‘battle’ with the institutions. The lawyer achieved that the decision of the Vilnius city municipality administration not to issue a document authorizing the construction of the structure and the decision of the Pavilniai Regional Park Directorate not to coordinate the construction project of the structure were recognized as illegal and annulled.

The law firm PRIMUS Legal Advisors operates as Noewe Legal from December 2023, continuing its services in the Baltics.

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